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Rejuvi Training in Vancouver, WA

Become a Rejuvi Certified Non-Laser Tattoo
Removal/Lightening Expert

Attend a 1-day masterclass taught by Tattoo Removal/Lightening Expert, Diane Warren and learn everything you've wanted to know about Rejuvi non-laser tattoo removal/lightening, technique and aftercare!

Personalized Hands On Classes Available!

Less Is More: Why People Choose Non-Laser Over Laser Removal

Rejuvi Training in Vancouver, WA
  • Less Painful: The Rejuvi method is much more comfortable than laser removal. Numbing is applied to make the process comfortable and easy.
  • Less Money: On average the Rejuvi Tattoo Removal method is much less expensive than laser removal.
  • Less Treatments: Laser tattoo removal typically can take up to 10 treatments and more. Rejuvi non-laser removal can be done in as few as 1-2 sessions.
  • Less Problems: Rejuvi removes colors better. Rejuvi Tattoo Removal extracts all colors, unlike laser which is color selective.
  • Less Scarring: Studies show the scarring rate for Rejuvi Tattoo Removal, for both facial tattoo and body tattoos, was less than laser removal.

Who Is This Training For?

Please take a moment to read the following criteria to see if you qualify to attend this 1-day Masterclass on Rejuvi training in Vancouver, WA:

  • Yes! I have a current Tattoo or Permanent Cosmetic License.
  • Yes! I have a current Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate.
  • Yes! I am an experienced tattoo artist or medical professional.
  • Yes! I am familiar with a coil or rotary machine.

  • How the Non-Laser Tattoo Removal/Lightening dermal pigmentation process works. And how it’s been tested and used safely for the last 20 years.
  • The advantages of Non-Laser Tattoo Removal/Lightening vs Laser Removal (and why it’s less painful, more effective and safer than Laser Removal).
  • How to capitalize on the demand for tattoo removal/lightening and generate additional income using this Non-Laser Dermal Pigmentation Removal Process.
  • How to market your new (or existing) tattoo removal business. Learn practical tips on how to use online and offline strategies to book yourself solid!

Rejuvi Training in Vancouver, WA


Part 1: Rejuvi Tattoo Removal vs Laser Removal
Part 2: The Non-Laser Tattoo Removal/Lightening 4-Step Procedure
Part 3: Understanding the Skin and it's Healing Process
Part 4: Scar Formation and Prevention
Part 5: Aftercare
Part 6: Common Questions and Concerns
Part 7: Tattoo Removal and Documentation
Part 8: Demonstration and Hands on Training

What You Get

  • Rejuvi Certificates
  • Rejuvi Tattoo Removal Starter Kit
  • 52R Needles and Tubes
  • 30-Page Tattoo Removal/Lightening Training Manual
  • Ongoing Rejuvi Support

Vancouver, Washington

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Rejuvi Tattoo Removal TrainerDiane Warren, Rejuvi Training in Vancouver, WA
Diane Warren
Tattoo Removal Expert

About Diane Warren

Diane Warren is a rare find in the tattoo removal industry. As a master esthetician, Diane’s beauty career expands over two decades with a comprehensive understanding of the skin and its healing process. Diane has extensive experience with lasers and advanced skincare, and has worked alongside some of the nation’s top plastic surgeons.

After discovering the Non-Laser Tattoo Removal/Lightening Process she completed an advanced training course taught by Rejuvi founder and renowned biochemist, Dr. Wade Chang, Ph.D. of San Francisco. She now travels the country to train physicians, tattoo artists, and dermal specialists on how to use Non-Laser removal/lightening techniques as a safe and superior alternative to laser removal.

Wade Cheng, PhD, Rejuvi Training in Vancouver, WA

Dr. Wade Chang
Vice President, Rejuvi Laboratory

About Wade Cheng, PhD

Dr. Wade Cheng is Vice President and Director of R&D, Rejuvi Laboratory. Prior to this position, Wade was a senior research chemist in Biorad Laboratories and SmithKline Beeckman Corporations. He holds a M.S. in analytical chemistry & Inorganic Chemistry from the University of San Francisco and a PhD in biochemistry from University of California, Davis.


Q: Is a 1-day training really enough?

A: Yes. This class is for advanced artists and medical professionals. As long as you are experienced with tattooing, a one-day class should suffice. There is plenty to learn and absorb but it’s not overwhelming. This includes hands-on training with live demonstrations.

Q: What type of machine and needle do you use?

A: I use the Lacenano rotary or coil machine and the 52R Needle.

Q: Will I get my certificate at the end of class?

A: Yes. You will get a physical certificate at the end of class. This is something you can provide to your insurance company.

Q: Do you teach private classes? Can you come to me?

A: Yes. Must be a minimum of 5 students.

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Non-Laser Tattoo Removal/Lightening 1-Day Live Masterclass

Presented by FineLines Rejuvi

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Tuition: $1,500

Instructions: Complete the form to submit your application. Diane will then follow up with you to schedule a 10-minute phone application to make sure this class is right for you.